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We have exciting Theological Courses! Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, The Book of Psalms, Exposition of Ephesians, Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Biblical Dispensations and Covenants, Exposition of Galatians, Soteriology and so many more!

Associates In Biblical Studies 

The Associate of Biblical Studies is a 60-semester hour program and is the first step for all beginning seminary students. These programs can be valuable for preachers, teachers, and all Christian workers.


Bachelors in Theology Degree

The Th.B. program consists of training in key Bible books, key doctrines, and foundational ministry preparation courses.




Inspired Word Bible College – School of Ministry & Leadership (IWBC) exists primarily to train Christians in fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The Great Commission is the concise sum of the mission task of the Church, the Body of Christ.  As such, it requires Christians to reach out to the world with the Gospel message that faith in Jesus is the only means of salvation.

The Great Commission also requires a more in-depth teaching of the doctrines taught by Christ.  To insure that the Christian worker fully understands these doctrines, IWBC requires extensive Bible readings, as well as comprehension of extensive lectures in Bible doctrines, extensive scholarly readings from Christian authors, extensive research and writing upon Bible doctrines and offers the student the insight of anointed Bible teachers.


Thus trained, IWBC provides the student with the skills necessary to answer the Holy Spirit’s calling into a specific area of ministry.

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